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About Ballroom Dance World

Ballroom World is the premier ballroom dancing studio in Springfield, Missouri. If you want to improve your dancing, get in shape, relieve stress, and meet new friends, you’ve come to the right place!

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OTC Partners with Ballroom World 2012

Ballroom World is proud to announce our new partner Ozarks Technical Community College. “We are excited to be chosen as the exclusive partner for OTC” said Alex Patsioukov, owner of Ballroom World.

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Featured in Springfield! Magazine

Ballroom, Latin, salsa and swing dancing all seem fun, and easy to do. According to Alexander Patsioukov, owner of Ballroom World located in the Plaza Towers Center at 1911 South Glenstone, they can get you on your feet and dancing to any beat within weeks. Read more

Taking steps for a healthier lifestyle.

“A lot of exercises outside of the home tend to be gender specific,” Betts said. “With dance, it’s a couples program. You’re hand in hand, arm in arm, exercising together.

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Kick up your heels and boogie down — it counts as exercise

“People are looking for alternative fun ways to work out,” says Helen Vanderburg, a spokesperson for the San Diego-based IDEA Health and Fitness Association, and owner of Heavens Fitness, a gym in Calgary, Canada.

“More and more people [at the gym] are interested in doing dance-based classes,” she says. “In the last six months, dance classes are starting to pop up in more clubs.” Read more