Benefits of Dancing

It may surprise you to know…

There are many benefits of ballroom dancing. You may not have thought of all of them.

  • Health — Ballroom dancing not only promotes flexibility, strength, and balance, but also provides aerobic exercise which helps you maintain a healthy weight and benefits your cardiovascular system. The weight-bearing steps can help strengthen the bones in your legs and hips, maintaining bone health as you age. Learning and dancing the different patterns stimulates many areas of the brain and helps keep your memory sharp.
  • Stress Relief — There’s something about moving your body to the rhythm of good music that helps take your mind off the stresses of the day. Of course socializing and dancing with other cheerful people only enhance the effect.
  • Social Life — Group dance lessons and weekly Friday night parties are great, low-pressure places to meet new friends. Soon your dance skills will open the doors to even more social events.
  • Confidence — As your skills improve, so will your posture and your self-confidence. You’ll feel better about yourself on and off the dance floor.
  • Fun — Don’t forget DANCING IS A LOT OF FUN!